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Presentation A3, RCR meeting, July 14, 2011Presentation of subproject A3 at the RCR meeting in Cologne, July 14, 2011.PresentationA3
RCR database dumpDump in SQL of the RCR field measurements databaseDataA3
Resilience of South African Grasslands and Savannas to DegradationPoster Tropentag 2011, BonnPresentationA3
Influence of tenure system on biomass productivity in two regions in South AfricaPresentation at the RCR South Africa workshop in KönigswinterPresentationA3
Soil Properties under the Influence of Different Rangeland Mangement in the Grassland Biome, South AfricaThe grassland biome in South Africa is a major source for livestock farming, but the soils of these rangelands are increasingly threatened by overgrazing. The aim of the present study was to investiga...PresentationA1
Vulnerability and Resilience of Soils under Different Rangeland UseMain results of soil studies in the grassland biome and bush savannahPresentationA1
Main soil nutrients in Thaba NchuMeans and standard deviation of soil nutrients in different management systemsDataA1
Randomized weather data for Thaba NchuWeather data file used as input file for SES model. Exogenous input data file.DataB2
Rangeland submodel graphExtended figure on rangeland submodel elementsPictureB2
Rangeland submodel parameter input filexml file containing rangeland parametersDataB2
Rangeland management impacts on the properties of clayey soils along grazing gradients in the semi-arid grassland biome of South AfricapublicationPublicationA1