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Notes on Land-based Conflicts in Kenya’s Arid Areas. Africa SpectrumContribution to the Debate on Property and Land Rights in Africa Spectrumsocial (institutions, conflicts, markets, violence)C3
Unexpected Consequences: Wildlife Conservation and Territorial Conflict in Northern Kenya. Human EcologyThis article is concerned with the implementation of community-based conservancies (CBC) in conflict ridden pastoralist areas of northern Kenya and whether the creation of protected areas can (institutions, conflicts, markets, violence)C3
Rural-urban migration, agrarian change, and the environment in Kenya: A critical review of the literature. Population and EnvironmentThe nexus between migration dynamics and environmental change has drawn the attention of many researchers in the recent past. While the majority of studies focus on the impact of the environment on (institutions, conflicts, markets, violence)C3
Guns, Land and Votes – Cattle Rustling and the Politics of Boundary-(Re)Making in Northern Kenya. African AffairsLivestock raiding among Northern Kenya’s pastoralists has profoundly changed in the last decades. It is commercialized, extremely violent and fought out with modern weaponry. This contribution shows (institutions, conflicts, markets, violence)C3
Can Households be Multilocal? Reflections on Migration and the Domestic UnitDefining ‘the household’ is a difficult analytical task, which becomes even more challenging in instances of high mobility of individual household members. Often the notion of ‘multi-local households’ (institutions, conflicts, markets, violence)C3
Comments on Leslie and McCabe “Response Diversity and Resilience in Social-Ecological Systems”, forthcoming in Current (institutions, conflicts, markets, violence)C3
Translocality: Concepts, applications and emerging research perspectivesThe employment of translocality as a research perspective is currently gaining momentum. A growing number of scholars from different research traditions concerned with the dynamics of mobility, migrat...cultural (knowledge, identities, discourses)C3
Inscribing Identity and Agency on the Landscape: Of Pathways, Places and the Transition of the Public Sphere in East Pokot, KenyaManuscript submitted to African Studies Review (under review)social (institutions, conflicts, markets, violence)C3
Trans-local Peacebuilding among Pastoralist Communities in Kenya. The Case of Laikipia Peace CaravanViolent conflicts have haunted northern Kenya – a semi-arid region inhabited by pastoral communities – since some decades. The enormous increase of violence in recent years has several pertinent (institutions, conflicts, markets, violence)C3
Poverty and Livelihood Strategies at Lake Naivasha, Kenya. A Case Study of Kasarani VillageKenya’s Lake Naivasha has come into the focus of international reports: the lake environment is at once the hub of agro-industrial flower production in Kenya and supplies about a large percentage of (institutions, conflicts, markets, violence)C3
In the shadow of an unreconciled nature: Muslim practices of mourning and/as social reproduction in MaliProject related publicationcultural (knowledge, identities, discourses)C2
Can hydro-economic river basin models simulate water shadow prices under asymmetric access?.social (institutions, conflicts, markets, violence)B2
Keck, M., & Sakdapolrak, P. (2013). What is social resilience?Over the last decade, a growing body of literature has emerged which is concerned with the question of what form a promising concept of social resilience might take. In this article we argue that (institutions, conflicts, markets, violence)B1
Stability and Transformation in a South African Landscape: Rural Livelihoods, Governmental Interventions and Agro- Economic Change in Thaba NchuJournal of Southern African Studiescultural (knowledge, identities, discourses)A1
Rangeland management impacts on the properties of clayey soils along grazing gradients in the semi-arid grassland biome of South Africapublicationbio-physical (climate, water, soil, vegetation)A1