Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)/Help

Who is allowed to apply for an account?
Only RCR participants and elected partners are allowed to apply for an account.
Where do I apply for an account?
Please apply for an account on the main site of the RCR (register here).
I'm just interested in a restricted data file. Can I get it without an account?
Please contact the author of the data.
I have a special question about a data set. Whom should I ask?
Please also contact the author of the data.
What is the project database?
The aim of the project database is to afford a secure, stable, sustainable, and backed up storage of all data created by the project members with their corresponding metadata. The data will be stored during the project activities and up to ten years after the project is finished, which corresponds to the good scientific practice (DFG 1998).
What should be considered primarily before uploading the data?
Before uploading the data, it is recommended to process your data. Data files should be sorted and entitled well-defined. Furthermore data files should be compressed (e.g. .zip, .rar, .gz). For instance a lot of files with a small file size (e.g. daily /monthly series of measurements) should be grouped and compressed into single folders. This will avoid a huge amount of similar data entries.
What type of data can be uploaded?
All types of data can be uploaded. However, please compress the data, in particular, if you have collected a lot of similar, small files. Additionally, please consider a file format, which is mostly common. If possible, use an existing data format standard. For example ASCII Files, text-files, ….
What is metadata? Which metadata is needed? How can I describe my data?
Metadata are information that describe a specific data set. For example, who is the creator of the data or what is the file format. The metadata enables search and categorization of all project data. For a detailed description of your data, you are able to upload additional information in a PDF-File.
Which metadata is considered?
Basically, metadata elements of the qualified Dublin Core Metadata Element Set (DCMES) were chosen to describe the data. In addition, the data can be described with properties, which correspond to the data type and the background of the RCR.
How can I store my data in the Database?
1. Apply for an account on the main site of the RCR (register here).
2. Organize your data (sort, entitle and compress your data!)
3. Log in to the RCR database site.
4. Use the data upload wizard ("Data Upload"). Upload your data and complete the required metadata corresponding to the data type you choose in the first step.
How can I edit the metadata of my data?
1. Log in to the RCR database website.
2. Go to your own data ("Own data") and select the file.
3. Use the "edit" button (down below) and edit your metadata with the wizard.
How can I download data?
1. If the data is restricted and you are a participant of the RCR, please apply for an account (see above). If you are not a participant, please contact the author.
2. Authorized users are allowed to download project data from the Web-Interface after log in.